Automatically Calculate
Shipping Costs for
Shopify Indonesia Stores

Indonesian Shipping by Ongkiro can display local shipping costs on the Shopify checkout page, add a tracking number to the order, automatically send a tracking number to customers and it is also included with a tracking page.

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Trusted by many Shopify online stores

Inglot Cosmetics
Beaute Goods
Bata Indonesia
Nacific Cosmetics

The easy way to sell on Shopify

Our application is registered on the Shopify Apps Store with easy installation, with just a few clicks, you can install Indonesian Shipping by Ongkiro.

Real Time Shipping Costs

You don't need to be bothered by adding shipping costs per area one by one, shipping costs will appear immediately just by installing our application on your Shopify store.

Always up to date

Our application is connected directly to a system that already has data on shipping costs to and from all over Indonesia

Choose Your preferred Courier Service

Not only choose a courier, but you can choose any courier service that you want to activate for your Shopify store delivery.

Supports Multiple Shipping Origin Locations

If you have multiple shipping warehouse locations, Indonesian Shipping can calculate shipping costs from multiple origin locations in one checkout.

Track Shipment

Indonesian Shipping comes with an order tracking feature, useful for tracking orders that are being shipped that are needed by customers, so you don't have to worry anymore about providing more convenience and trust services to customers.

Notification to Customer Email

With notifications to customer emails, this makes it easier for you and also provides a shopping experience that can make your customers comfortable shopping at your store. Customers and store admins will get notifications to see the status of order delivery.

Track Order Page

With the order track page, your customers can check the delivery status of your order directly from your store without having to ask the admin again.

Already used by many Shopify online stores throughout Indonesia

“With a very easy setup, shipping costs can be calculated automatically. Support via e-mail is also very fast and can be easily resolved in case of problems. If you want to open a shopify shop in Indonesia, it will be a must-have app.”

Nacific Cosmetics

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Pricing Plan

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The best investment for the future of your business


  • 7 days free trial

  • 23 Local courier

  • 3 International courier

  • Support with multiple inventory location

  • Choose the courier service you want


  • 7 days free trial

  • 23 Local courier

  • 3 International courier

  • Support with multiple inventory location

  • Choose the courier service you want

  • 5 courier support with tracking

  • Tracking order page


  • 7 days free trial

  • 23 Local courier

  • 3 International courier

  • Support with multiple inventory location

  • Choose the courier service you want

  • 10 courier support with tracking

  • Tracking order page

  • Customize tracking order page

  • Tracking notification to email

Frequently asked questions

Apakah sudah ada di Apps Store Shopify ?

Ya, Indonesian Shipping sudah tersedia di Apps Store Shopify.

Apakah install aplikasi ini mudah ?

Indonesian Shipping sangat mudah di install, dan kami menyediakan panduan untuk membantu Anda.

Apakah menggunakan halaman checkout tersendiri ?

Tidak, Indonesian Shipping terintegrasi dengan sistem Checkout Shopify.

Apakah terintegrasi dengan sistem discount Shopify ?

Ya, Indonesian Shipping bisa digunakan bersamaan dengan sistem discount Shopify.

Apakah toko Saya bisa dipasang Indonesian Shipping?

Bisa, asalkan toko anda memiliki carrier-calculated shipping feature

Apa itu carrier-calculated shipping feature?

Fitur yang menampilkan ongkos kirim dari aplikasi third-party. Info lebih lanjut

Bagaimana jika saya kesulitan menginstall Indonesian Shipping?

Anda bisa mengikuti panduan dari tutorial atau apabila masih kesulitan, Anda bisa menghubungi kami.

Apakah tersedia paket berlangganan per tahun ?

Ya, Indonesian Shipping tersedia untuk paket berlangganan per tahun.