TrackingHow to Add Shipment via Shortcut

We provide a shortcut to make it easier for you when you want to add a shipping

  1. Go to the order menu, and select an order where the shipping number will be entered

    Go to Orders page
  2. Then on the top right side, click More actions and click Create shipment at Ongkiro

    Click shortcut action to create shipment at ongkiro
  3. Next, you will be directed to a new shipment creation page and please enter the tracking number in the field provided

    Add tracking number to shipment
  4. Don't forget to click the Add Shipment button to save, after that Indonesian Shipping by Ongkiro will send an email notification to the customer that the order has been sent

For Business subscription plan, our application will also provide notification when there is an update on delivery status to customers

Good luck 🤗